Export of handicrafts from India with statistics

Bhartiya artists are well known around the world for their unique and vibrant art which takes shape through handmade handicrafts and other famous Indian products.

Export of handicrafts from India

There are approx 7 million artisans in India with a total of 35 thousand different handicrafts products. Revenue through the export of handicrafts from India reached $4 Billion by the year 2020.

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Which country is the biggest importer of handicrafts from India?

Top countries where India export handicrafts

Basically handicrafts and handlooms or anything which is made up in India are a part of the textile industry.

India is also the 2nd largest producer and exporter of textile and apparel goods across the world.

Handicrafts also plays a vital role in the indian economy as well as for the welfare of the artists who basically perform this beautiful art.

Which Indian handicraft has the most demand in the international markets?

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Embroidered & Crocheted goodsUS $578 Million
WoodwaresUS $761 Million
Miscellaneous handicraftsUS $1003 Million
Handprinted textiles & scarvesUS $220 Million
Artmetal waresUS $452 Million
Imitation JewelleryUS $220 Million
Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India
Government Initiatives and Support

Central, as well as the state government, support the export of handicrafts from India and various export houses and clusters are running for the development of handicrafts by the government of India.

The government of India also increased the merchandise export from India scheme(MEIS) rates up to 7% under which it helps to recover the cost involved in the import duties of handicrafts to make pricing competitive and enhance export of handicrafts from India.

The export promotion council for handicrafts(EPCH) also helps handicraft artisans and provides export guidance through various promotional mediums.

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