List of best e-commerce platforms for Start ups


E-commerce platforms have changed the way of doing trading business beyond the boundaries.

There are a couple of online platforms & marketplaces out there on which E-commerce business runs or takes place whether that is through any E-commerce platforms(which we mentioned below)| Online marketplaces(Like Amazon, ebay) | Online storefronts(mentioned in image) and through social media channels.

It is also the way to simply create your E-commerce business with all the tools and resources needed to run a successful E-commerce business.

Someone said – ” Before diving into the water, first learn to swim.”

So, before starting up your E-commerce journey, first of all, get educated about it. By education, we didn’t mean to grab a book & read but by doing it practically, just to see the main things that play a vital role in the E-commerce business.

The below picture shows the percentage of Online storefronts that people are using at the present moment.


So, without wasting any more time let’s see the list of best E-commerce platforms that would help anyone from newbie or start ups to any businessman to run a successful E-commerce business.

List of best e-commerce platforms for Start ups

What are the top online marketplaces?


The above picture shows you the Online marketplaces with most visitors as well as their revenue around the world. With the help of these online marketplaces, you can sell your products on their platforms and can gain the benefit of their global client base & exposure.

As usual, Facebook dominates the market in Social media platforms with the most users and sales. So you can also get benefitted from social media platforms by advertising your products so that it can reach a mass number of audiences to increase your visibility globally.

How we can help?

USA Business helps anyone whether you are an individual or a well-settled business, we can help you in setting up your E-commerce store along with Shipping | Warehouse | Inventory | Payment Gateway.

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