These are the top US exports

According to resources, Total export from USA reached more than $1.30 Trillion by the year 2022.

Product from USA are known for their quality around the world and USA has already tied up as a trading partner with many countries.

Top US Exports

Canada, Mexico and China are considered as the largest trading partner of USA at the present moment.

Many companies from USA like Amazon & ebay has already running successful eCommerce business globally which is also a good sign for exports from USA to expand their business.

Other than this there are many Online selling platforms & marketplaces in USA which can help exports to target different markets globally.

Best Products to export from USA

  • Vehicles
  • Gems
  • Plastic
  • Petroleum
  • Electronic machinery & equipment
  • Corn, Wheat & Rice
  • Aircrafts & Spacecrafts
  • Oil seeds
  • Food industry waste
  • Woodpulp
  • Fruits & Nuts

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