Selling on my website VS E-commerce platforms

On a regular basis, our customers ask for the advice to sell through their own website or E-commerce platforms and we advise them to sell through both the resources.


Every E-commerce business model can be run online in two ways – through website or E-commerce platforms and both have their own pros & cons which we have mentioned in this article.

At the initial stage, it’s cool to sell with someone who is well established enough in your niche field but along with it’s necessary to build your own empire too.

By keeping in mind our customer’s vision, below we have mentioned both the scenarios through which one can sell through their own website or e-commerce platforms.

Selling through own website

  • E-commerce designing and development
  • Shipping arrangements(Includes documentation & clearances)
  • Warehouse(If keeping your bulk stock in another country)
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Fulfillment services(Packaging & Labeling)
  • Addons third party E-commerce tools
  • Customer support


  • 100% ownership of your business
  • Needs to manage everything(That’s where we can help)
  • Modify it according to your vision
  • Clients recognize your brand name


  • Not good for the start-up who has low budget
  • From zero to one everything one needs to manage
  • The initial stage issues
  • Less visibility

Selling through E-commerce platforms

  • You need to register for a seller’s account
  • Few platforms provide with their own integrated fulfillment service(It’s not free)
  • Few platforms allow you to integrate with the third-party shipping company(as you do in your own store)
  • Integrated as well as third party payment gateway integration is available
  • Addons third party E-commerce tools


  • Fulfillment arrangements by E-commerce platforms(It’s not free)
  • Global visibility
  • Sales
  • Client base


  • Not good for visionary entrepreneurs
  • Competition for sure
  • Ownership is not in your hand
  • Product selling commission
  • Addons fees

Note: We have mentioned both the scenarios with their own pros and cons so that you can choose wisely from both the business models. You can think wisely about whichever solutions suits you best.

How we can help?

USA Business can help you in both the scenarios with the complete E-commerce management services along with the compliance solutions too.

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