Can I sell on Amazon U.S. from India?

Amazon is the leading company which carries a huge share in the E-commerce industry. Seller’s from around the world are selling on Amazon because of its large client base.

Sell on Amazon U.S. from India

Amazon also covers a huge part of the E-commerce market basically 52% in the USA and 20% worldwide(2 Billion People).

But in India due to lockdown, the seller’s active accounts on amazon fall down quickly and now slowly the sellers, as well as the Amazon, are trying to grasp the speed.

As we all know that India is the fastest growing economy as well as the eCommerce market around the world, Amazon is focusing more in this country.

We are going to export $10 Billion of Make in India goods by the year 2025.

Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon)

So by keeping in mind the issues faced by sellers, we have prepared the guided steps that one can follow in order to sell on amazon USA from India.

Steps to Sell on Amazon U.S. from India

Step 1:Β Find the Best Products to sell on Amazon USA from India which are demanding and few sellers are selling it.

Step 2:Β Get enrolled in GST which is mandatory to register for an E-commerce seller. (We can help you to register under GST)

Step 3: Create a seller account on amazon from your desired email address.

Step 4: After you sign up for the seller account there are a couple of tasks that you need to perform such as adding products & content, customize the settings, set the shipping methods, and much more.

Step 5:Β The seller should send the product to the Amazon fulfillment centers.

Note: Just go to the Amazon seller’s university option under the performance tab to learn more aboutΒ setting up your account on amazon.

Documents required to sell on Amazon USA from India

Useful resource

How to send products to Amazon FBA USA from India?

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