How to sell Indian clothes online in USA?

As the population is increasing around the world so do the need for clothes and food. India is always dominating the market in terms of textiles or we can say in traditional or hand embroidered clothes.

Generally, the strict rules and regulations are implemented on food products and sometimes on clothes too as just to ensure that they are not carrying any sort of hazardous dyes.

The rules and regulations to get your Indian clothes imported in the USA and European Union too include several things that need to be managed which starts from labeling rules of the products, documentation, certification(if applicable).

Every shipping company or import/export agent comes up with their own solutions which can be expensive as well as easy to hear and hard to implement.

By keeping in mind the problems facing by Indian(Bharat) entrepreneurs or businesses we have come up with a detailed article about selling Indian clothes online or anything in the USA.

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