Custom Import duty rate in the USA from India

The two most powerful democratic countries around the world are forging the trade partnership like never before.

India and USA have their own internal connection in trade, spirituality, politics, technology, employment, defense, and so on.

Is India is replacing China in the world trade business?

No doubt that the fastest growing economy in the world is India. And yes we can say that India is replacing China which presently has a very strong trading business with the US and around the world.

Recently, Donald Trump(President of USA), warns China to impose an increase in the custom import duty rates due to the bad intentions of China to control the world.

At the present moment, USITCΒ (United States International Trade Commission) & CBP (Custom & Border Protection) regulates theΒ import & export in the USA.

How to calculate the custom import duty fee in USA from India?

If you want to sell in the USA from India or any other country then there are a number of factors that determine the exact custom import duty rate in the USA which are mentioned below.

  • Origin country
  • Type of goods
  • Category of goods
  • Goods complete description
  • Duty-free agreement policy

For example: If you are selling Handbags which real cost is $1000 and after getting the commodity code along with the above given factors it says that 6.5% import fees needs to be applied on the goods.

$65 is the custom import duty fee that you need to pay for your goods.

Custom import duty rates from India to the USA

If we talk about India then one can send approx $800 of goods with no import fees, which is also a sort of informal entry but its threshold reaches $2500.

But when it crosses the above mentioned threshold which is $2500, it comes in formal entry which is cleared by CBP.

How to pay import duty fee in USA from India?

The easiest and simplest way to do it through your shipping or courier company.

Don’t forget to get the shipping invoice from the supplier if you are shipping on your own.

You can hire any custom broker or International trading firm like us who can do all the documentation and clearances with CBP before your product shipped in the USA.

How the find the right HTS code?

Harmonized Tariff SystemΒ decides theΒ custom import duty rates in the USA.

Below we have mentioned the right format of HTS code through which you can create a HTS code and calculate the import duty rate in the USA.

HS Chapter2 Digits
HS Heading2 Digits
HS SubHeading2 Digits
Statistical Classification4 Digits
HTS Format

What is GSP(Generalised system of preferences) scheme?

Under this scheme, few developing countries like India, Ukraine, will get the benefit of low import duty fees and even can be free on a few goods.

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