Best selling organic products to export from India

Increase in the population or the lack of patience in human beings drives them towards a path which has no benefit for the present as well as the future generations.

The food industry is impossible to be shut down and the chemical used in the food production or we can say in farming, producing a sort of poisonous food products.

Due to this chemical use, a lot of health problems are emerging in people, that no one has heard before.

“The fundamental mistake is that food today is made in a factory. Food should come out of the earth because this body is earth.”

SADHGURU – Founder of Isha Foundation

There is only one country which is the only hope remaining in terms of organic products whether it is foods, medicines, oils, seeds, and so on.

However there are other countries too but the way Indian soil works, it always produces more hygienic and natural products.

Revenue generated by Organic products

Through resources(IBEF.ORG) Indian organic food market is estimated to cross $1.36 Billion by the year 2020.

According to APEDA, more than 5 lakh metric ton organic products export is going on at the present moment.

Major importers of organic products from India

USA, Europe, Vietnam, New Zealand, Japan, Israel, Switzerland, South- korea, Canada are the major importers of organic products for India.

Best organic product to export from India

1- Oilseeds

2- Millets

3- Cereals

4- Pulses

5- Tea

6- Coffee

7- Spices

8- Dry fruits

9- Condiments

10- Sandalwood

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