Top 15+ Best online selling products in Canada

E-commerce in Canada is rising like never before with a growth rate of 9% and $28 billion in total sales which is going to cross $33 billion by the year 2024.

E-commerce growth in Canada

Internet penetration rate in Canada is more than 96% and 5 million people are the active shoppers which is very useful for the eCommerce sellers.

So today we have come up with the list of best online selling products in Canada that eCommerce sellers can target.

Best online selling products in Canada

  • Organic tea
  • Food subscription boxes
  • Used products
  • Socks with graphics
  • Brain pills
  • Apparels
  • Pet care products
  • Senior citizen gadgets
  • Health products
  • Baby products
  • Sporting goods
  • Educational products
  • Cannabis accessories
  • Home decors
  • Gift cards
  • Electronic products

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