Best E-commerce Payment gateway in Philippines

We all are familiar with the global growth of an E-commerce industry which is valued at $4.9 Trillion by the year 2020.

Mainly there are Asian countries that are rising and dominating the e-commerce market such as India(Bharat) | Indonesia and the Philippines too.


Well the below report by DATAREPORTAL will get you the right information on this.

According to Statista E-commerce market in the Philippines is increasing with a growth rate of 18% and below revenue graph clearly shows the difference.

Due to the rise of e-commerce industry in the Philippines, there is one more industry that lifts up its growth that is a payment gateway or fintech industry.

So in this article, we will present you with the best E-commerce payment gateways available in the Philippines for freelancers, entrepreneurs, or businesses.

Best E-commerce payment gateway in Philippines

1- Paymaya

2- PaymentWall

3- Gcash

4- Paymongo

5- Dragonpay

6- Razer

7- Pesopay

8- Molpay

9- Ezypay

10- Coins

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