About Us


Our Approach

The Era of Industrialization is going down and the information is replacing it with a wide extent. We believe we are living in the best of all the time, wherein so much of information at the right place can do wonder for the betterment of the generation as it was passed to us.

Let’s use the Information benefits and create a marketplace wherein there is less unemployment and more independency.

Our Story

A small bunch of enthusiastic Entrepreneur's basically from India and around the world. As everyone knows about the economic growth of India in the nextΒ 10-15 Years, so instead of other people who move out in search of money, WE(team) choose to stay and contribute here as well as all over the world.

Meet the Team of Entrepreneur's


Rishub Sharma

Founder & CEO

E-Commerce and Payment industry


Abhishek Sharma


Content Marketing

Don't Wait and Start Doing

" Thinking towards thriving is what makes us different." - RS